Published: 14th March 2012
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Small autoschade (CAR damage): insurance work or not?
Come with substantial autoschade sheet metal workers and painters in action. The bill is peppery, a choice is not really. But your car has dents and dings smaller? Let him 'restyle'. It can be vastly in care costs and the result is often amazingly well.

Small autoschade, big savings
At the word autoschade penetrates quickly the image of a crumpled car lot. Almost by definition insurance job. Fortunately it is not surprising common, while according to trade association Focwa still over 700 000 times a year at a bodyshop is tapped.
It's mostly about eye damage, scratches and other relatively minor inconveniences: parking dents, particularly vandalism and pitting of the car through the open door swinging from the neighbor. Circles in sheet metal workers called a "Ikea-dents," a nod to the bustle on the parking deck of the giant interior. Then it bumps through clumsy maneuvering, glancing damage on the corner of the car (a sudden 'crossing' concrete post) and pits and scratches unguided projectiles in the form of loaded carts full of Billy bookcases.
Insurance Work or not?
The national average damage is surprisingly low: around Ä 1.250, -. With luck, you know who has done the damage, but mostly it's guess at the culprit. Often it is debatable whether you have insurance to make work. If only because of the no-claims discount.
When does a life insurance valuation assumes that the vehicle is returned in original condition. This is the most expensive solution. Often it is also a smart repairs to be undertaken.
Beating and massaging
With a tap on the bumper or a dent in the door or fender, a sheet metal craftsman nasty damage from pushing and massaging. Dent removal without painting, called the schadebranche. Not infrequently does it cost half or even less than a conventional repair.
Some dealers even organize an annual deukjesdag - seriously! - Customer on which such well or dent to roughly Ä 35, - can be eliminated. Long as there is no need to be sprayed. Obviously it is specialist work. The uitdeukexperts the auto companies themselves are also hired to restyle their car.
On the road with Auto Care

The Case is an afternoon out with Arjen van der Hoeven, one of eleven professionals in Car Care. He rolls an impressive toolbox of at least two meters the workshop of a loss in business. It turns completely filled with bizarre-looking push and pull instruments provided for from within to the farthest corners of the sheet metal to be taken.

It all works amazingly well. In no time we see a nasty dent along the edge of a door Opel disappear. In a place that was previously impossible, says Van der Hoeven. "With new tools and are continuing to expand."
Then massage the specialist a series of holes in the hood and roof of a BMW. Van der Hoeven: "We call it for convenience only hail damage, because in recent years more and more common. But in this case, I estimate that the car has been in the forest. "
Lease car refresh
Increasingly, Van der Hoeven also asked for a car just before the end of the lease term to refresh. Pretty smart, he says: "If we are professional car polish and minor scratches and damage removal, although it costs a few hundred dollars, but it prevents the leasing company that just comes with an additional three or four times as high. The pay is indeed a lot back when you are going to sell a car. "
Also repairs to the vehicle interior in this regard is recommended. Stains, dog hair, holes in the upholstery and dashboard and odors can often be a relatively small amount of repair and increase the value of the car lot.
Spot Repair: local painting!/2011/12/parkeerschade.html

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